Sports Law

Our Sports Law Group offers the experience necessary to customize legal solutions for all parties involved in both participation in sports and the business of sports.

Sports Law

The Duggan Bertsch Approach

We serve as trial counsel for litigated matters, trusted advisors for Sports Organization processes such as transfers and eligibility determinations, transactional counsel on sports business deals, and general counsel for Professional Athletes.

Our Sports Law practice as it relates to the representation of Professional Athletes is to serve as general counsel to successful athletes (and NOT as their agent).  The goal being to guide and protect our athletes through their prime earning years and ensure their estate is properly structured and protected, their business transactions are overseen, negotiated, and implemented, and global risk mitigation is evaluated and analyzed at every turn in their respective career.  We work closely with the Professional Athletes’ advisory teams to manage their affairs accordingly, and want our Professional Athlete clients to enjoy the fruits of their labor and wins long into their retirement.  Our general counsel work for Professional Athletes also looks to preserve and grow wealth for future generations, and avoid the pitfalls that so many other professional athletes have fallen into.

Our Sports Law practice related to NCAA and other collegiate and high school associations as well as sports related businesses all-encompassing, includes the following areas:

Risk Management

Injuries on the athletic field

Sports Product Issues

Disappointment lawsuits (lack of/misuse of an athlete’s playing time)

Amateur representation issues (while not violating NCAA rules)

NCAA/high school association violations

Personal Website/social networking issues

Multiplier/anti-recruiting measures

Recreational immunity

Olympic issues

Off-the-field issues during athletic trips

Drug Testing

Construction/sports issues

Intersection of sports/religion

Contracts for participation, events, marketing, and sponsorship

Insurance coverage for sports participants, sports organizations, and sports businesses

Licensing and intellectual property


Title IX Issues

Morality Clause/Reverse-Morality Clause provisions

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