Timothy Epstein Appointed to Fetzer Institute Sports Advisory Council

Timothy Liam Epstein, Chair of Duggan Bertsch's Sports Law practice group, has been appointed to an honorary position with the Fetzer Institute, specifically as a member of the Fetzer Advisory Council on Sports, Physical Training and Exercise, and Embodied Spiritual Practices. The Fetzer Institute is a private, nonprofit operating foundation that engages with people and programs working to bring the power of love and forgiveness to the center of individual, organizational and community life. The organization creates and supports projects that serve as healing forces in a divided world, and that spread knowledge about how individuals everywhere can be more loving and forgiving in daily life.

This is a tremendous honor, as Tim and a dozen appointed individuals within each advisory council are charged with distributing $500,000 per year in the cause of love and forgiveness within their various fields, which for Tim are sports and related fields. The culmination of Tim’s current appointment will be the global gathering of the various advisory councils in Assisi, Italy in September 2012. Soccer star Mia Hamm will serve as chair of Tim’s respective advisory council.

Team Members: